Military-Grade Magnification With Starscope Monocular
Military-Grade Magnification With Starscope Monocular
Military-Grade Magnification With Starscope Monocular
Military-Grade Magnification With Starscope Monocular
Military-Grade Magnification With Starscope Monocular
Military-Grade Magnification With Starscope Monocular
Military-Grade Magnification With Starscope Monocular

Military-Grade Magnification With Starscope Monocular

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Dual Purpose Monocular is a Handheld Telescope, and it Lets You Take Amazing Telescopic Photos with Your Smartphone, Too!

As a dedicated lover of the great outdoors, I’m always looking for ways to gain a new, fresh perspective on the beauty of nature.
So when I heard about the Starscape Monocular – a powerful handheld telescope that can fit inside of any purse – I knew I had to give it a try.
Instead of having to lug around a giant, traditional telescope that weighs a ton, the compact and lightweight Starscope Monocular won’t weigh you down.
You can hold it up to your eye to see the world with a stunning 10 TIMES magnification, and better still, it attaches right to your smartphone to let you take zoomed-in photos that look like they were taken with an expensive DSLR setup.
The Starscape Monocular is a powerful, extreme-magnification viewing scope that can fit in the palm of your hand. It’s built with the highest quality, military-grade optics.

As you may recall, my husband Glen shoots all of the photos for my blog and is a dedicated photographer in his own right. So when we went on our trip to Mount Rainier National Park last weekend, I decided we’d put the Starscape Monocular through its paces.
Was the Starscape Monocular really worthy of all the hype it’s been drumming up online? What we discovered might surprise you.
It’s a unique device that combines all the best features of a telescope, binoculars, and an expensive telescopic lens for a DSLR camera. But despite its shockingly affordable price, it can match the performance of each of the items I’ve just listed – and sometimes, surpass it.
When I showed my husband the Starscape Monocular (and suggested we use it to shoot photos on our Mt. Rainer trip and compare them with his DSLR shots), he laughed at my “ridiculous” suggestion. Needless to say, he thought his expensive DSLR lens would blow the Starscape Monocular right out of the water.
Starscope’s 12x magnification makes it look like you’re 12 times closer to something than you really are. So if you shoot a picture from 100 feet away, the Starscape makes it look like you took your photo from only 10 feet away. Needless to say, that’s an EXTREME level of magnification!
My husband brought along a DSLR lens that could match the extreme 10-times zoom of the Starscape Monocular. This lens cost my husband more than $5,000.00, used. It weighs a staggering 8 pounds on its own and is a beefy 17 inches long.
When we compared the DSLR photos with the photos we took with the Starscape Monocular attached to my iPhone, we were absolutely SHOCKED.
You couldn’t tell any difference between the photos taken with the Starscape Monocular and the ones taken with the $5,000.00 DSLR lens. Both sets were crisp and clear, with beautiful, sharp details and vibrant, vivid colors.
But what shocked us, even more, was the fact that some of our Starscope photos were better than the ones shot with the $5,000 lens.
Due to the lightweight and easy handling of the Starscape Monocular, we were able to shoot photos that required lightning-fast reflexes (like in-flight shots of Golden Eagles) that we never could have captured with the heavy, hard to handle DSLR lens!

The phrase “military grade” is used to describe equipment that’s been built to meet the extreme durability requirements of the US Military.

Military Grade equipment must be able to reliably perform no matter what the environment, whether that be the scorching hot deserts of the Middle East, the humid tropics of Southeast Asia, or the extreme cold fronts of the Arctic Region.

Made from advanced, scratch-resistant polymers to protect it from external damage, the Starscape Monocular features a secure, slip-free surface that helps you keep a solid grip on it at all times!


You can use the Starscape Monocular as the perfect, lightweight hunting scope. It’s fantastic for bird watching, too.
You can use it to take exciting, “front-row seat” pictures at your favorite concert. Or make it seem like you have courtside seats at the next basketball game.

You can shoot brilliant photos of the moon, capture a close-up shot of an eagle in flight, or snap zoomed-in shots of the jet planes in flight at the next airshow.
You can even use it to snap some candid photos of that swimsuit-clad hunk or hottie on the summer beach! Whatever the subject, the Starscape Monocular brings you RIGHT INTO THE CENTER OF THE ACTION.
In addition, the Starscape Monocular combines a number of features that make it the best choice as an optical scope or telescopic smartphone lens.

  • Advanced BAK-4 optical prisms (the same ones used in $1,000 binoculars) 
  • Barium crown glass with a higher index of refraction for superior image quality
  • Aspherical lens elements to remove distortion
  • Fully Multi-Coated (FMC) lens elements to remove color fringing. 



The Starscape Monocular absolutely blew me and my husband away on our trip to Mt. Rainier. It allowed us to take photos on our smartphones that rivaled the quality of photos taken with a DSLR kit costing thousands of dollars!
Quite honestly, I’d be happy to pay a high premium for the optical quality we got from the Starscape Monocular. That’s what makes its stunningly affordable price all the more shocking!
Advanced, computer-designed lens elements let you get DSLR quality at a price so affordable you won’t believe your eyes! For a great deal, the people who make Starscape have delivered a telescopic lens on par with lenses costing thousands of dollars.
The Starscope Monocular even won over one of its most vocal critics – my husband. He was so blown away with the optical quality of the photos he shot with the Starscope Monocular that his expensive DSLR is now gathering dust in the closet. He says the Starscope Monocular has made his DSLR gear pretty much obsolete!
If you want to get your own Starscope Monocular at this ultra-low price, NOW is the time to act! Don’t wait until it’s too late!
  • BAK4 Prism+FMC
  • Large Object Lens
  • Oversized Eyepiece
  • Built-in Compass
  • Extendable Tripod & Adjustable Phone Clip included
  • Rubber Armor with Stripes
  • Great for Bird Watching, Camping, Hiking, Concert, and Sightseeing
  • Wipe the lens with a lens cloth attached to the telescope or other soft and clean cloths.
  • If there are some or stains on the telescope, please dip a few drops of alcohol on the clean cloth to wipe it off.
  • Please keep it in a ventilated and dry place.
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Monocular
  • Model: 12X50
  • Magnification: 12X
  • Objective Diameter: 50mm
  • Eyepiece Diameter: 22mm
  • Diameter of The Exit Pupil: 3mm
  • Distance of The Eye Relief: 14mm
  • Field of View: 1500 / 9500m
  • Length: 15cm / 5.91 inches
  • Prism Type: BAK4
Package Includes:
  • 1* Monocular telescope
  • 1* Phone clip
  • 1* Extendable tripod